Wedding & Non‑Wedding Rates

We price our functions based on time which means you pay for the time that is played you do not pay for set‑up.  Because the majority of wedding reception venues only allow 4 hour functions. You can go for additional hours, but if you use a venue other than one that you get for the entire day/night expect to pay  the venue additional fees as well as the hourly rate for additional unbooked hours.  If you have any questions , please send a chat request, or text/call.

4 Hour Wedding Reception $750
Ceremony Setup * $200
4 hr Non‑Wedding Function $500
Additional hours** $150
Club Lights Setup $250
Mirror Ball Only $30
Travel fees*** if Required
* Ceremony setup, includes up to 2 additional hours (30 min. while guests are being seated and 1.5 hrs to perform the ceremony.)  This is needed if your ceremony is in a seperate location from the reception.
** Additional hours not contracted for may be negotiated with the DJ upon availability and must be paid at the beginning of each additional hour at the rate of $150/hr. we are not always available to stay for additional time.
*** Travel fees are only required if travel further than the initial 100 mile radius,  every 100 mile radius past original 100 mile radius is $100  (example. 101 to 200 miles one way additional fee of $100  201 to 300 miles away  fee $200 etc..)


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