12 Months Before

  1. Make general wedding decisions, such as date, style, size of guest list.
  2. Set a preliminary budget
  3. Decide how expenses will be shared
  4. Choose the location for the ceremony, and the officiant
  5. Reserve the reception site
  6. Select and book caterers, photographers, videographers, florists, Mobile DJ, and other service providers
    (If your ceremony & reception are in the same place, TexasDj.Net can provide music for the entire event!)
  7. Begin compiling a guest list and start thinking about what song you want for your first dance (experience says that this will  probably change several times before the Big Day)
  8. Select a wedding dress, headpiece, and bridesmaid’s dresses
  9. Start thinking about your honeymoon, and do any necessary planning

6 Months Before

  1. Finalize your selection of your Wedding Gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses and accessories
  2. Choose flower girl’s dress
  3. If you’re traveling abroad for your honeymoon, make sure your passports are up to date, what visas, if any, are required, and what inoculations may be required.
  4. Place deposits and sign contracts for wedding services if you haven’t already.
    (Book as soon as possible, for example June weddings are usually booked by January. You are not booked until we receive your 50% deposit and signed contract and we send you a confirmation notice! Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis, i.e. whoever gives us a deposit/signed contract first gets the reservation. No one is penciled in. To ensure you get booked,  doing so a year in advance would NOT be too soon!)

4 Months Before

  1. If your housing arrangements are not settled, begin looking for a place to live and home furnishings
  2. Verify that wedding gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses have been ordered
  3. Make sure addresses for guest list are up to date
  4. Order invitations (It is a good idea to get R.S.V.Ps with your Invitations), announcements, and any other personal stationary
  5. Choose and order formal wear for groom and male attendants
  6. Make sure all out‑of‑town male attendants have submitted their measurements to your formal wear provider
  7. Verify that both mothers have selected and ordered their gowns
  8. Investigate requirements for medical tests and other records for your marriage license
  9. Investigate where you want to register, and complete registering
  10. Arrange limousine service
  11. Design a map to direct guests to the ceremony and reception sites

2 months before

  1. Finalize bridal registry. When choosing a registry, keep in mind if you will have a good deal of out of town guests. You can register in both states, or towns, that you are from. Another idea is to register with a catalog
  2. Verify that all required documents (both civil and religious) are in order. (ie. marriage license, passport, citizenship papers, proof of divorce, baptismal and confirmation certificates, birth certificates)
  3. Finish addressing the invitations and announcements. Invitations should be sent 6 weeks before the wedding, and the announcements after the ceremony
  4. Shop for gifts for bridal party
  5. Choose wedding rings, and arrange for engraving
  6. Plan bridesmaid’s luncheon, if any
  7. Schedule an appointment with your hairdresser and make‑up consultant
  8. Order wedding cake if it’s not supplied by caterer
  9. Finalize and verify all details with service providers
  10. Complete final honeymoon plans
  11. Shop for accessories, such as shoes, stockings, garter, purse, candles, guest registration book, and cake knife
  12. Finalize wardrobe for showers, pre‑wedding parties, and honeymoon.
  13. Assist out‑of‑town guests that will require overnight accommodations.
  14. Confirm ceremony details with your officiate
  15. Schedule final fitting

6 weeks before

  1. Confirm all male and female attendants have been fitted for formal wear.
  2. Discuss wedding photo shots with photographer and videographer.
  3. Make final menu decisions.
  4. Mail invitations.
  5. Confirm transportation arrangements have been made for all attendants and important guests before and on the wedding.
  6. Set rehearsal and inform all who need to be there. (For a really great rehearsal party, ask about our low Friday rates.)

2 weeks before

  1. Haircut for groom, if needed.
  2. Pick up wedding gown, and confirm that it fits properly.
  3. Keep records of gifts as they arrive. Writing thank you notes at this time will lessen the burden later. You may even pre‑address envelopes for thank yous if you are really ambitious.
  4. Finalize musical selections for the ceremony and reception.
  5. Take care of blood and medical tests, and marriage license.
  6. Confirm accommodation reservations for out‑of‑town guests.
  7. If you’ll be moving, fill out change of address form at Post Office.
  8. If you’ll be changing your name, collect the necessary forms for changing your driver’s license, Social Security card, insurance policies, and bank accounts. Change beneficiaries of insurance, if appropriate.
  9. Finalize seating chart for reception.
  10. Send your completed planner back to The PartyBlock Mobile DJ if you haven’t already!

1 week before

  1. Pick‑up wedding rings.
  2. Give final guest count for the reception to your caterer.(This is where the R.S.V.Ps come in)
  3. Practice applying make‑up for the wedding day, if you are doing it on your own.
  4. Verify all bridesmaids and groomsmen have picked up their formal wear.
  5. Make a list of names and pronunciation for the Best Man to mention in his introduction, if appropriate.
  6. Confirm honeymoon plans,
  7. Pack for honeymoon.
  8. Pay upcoming bills that will be due while you are away.
  9. Cancel newspaper, and arrange for mail to be stopped or pick‑up by friend.
  10. Confirm that all attendants know when to arrive at the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and wedding ceremony.
  11. Confirm details with all service providers.

1‑3 days before

  1. Groom to pick‑up formal wear.
  2. Make sure to have marriage license.
  3. Review any special seating arrangements with ushers.


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