Pre‑Ceremony at 3:30p
Ceremony Starts at 4:00p
Reception Starts at 4:30p

Before Pre‑Ceremony Music begins…

2:30p Wedding Planner or Designated person sets up Flowers, and other Ceremony preparations
3:00p DJ arrives and sets up equipment.
3:15p DJ Puts Mics on Minister/Officiant, checks Mic and sound levels.

Start Pre‑Ceremony music.

3:30p Guests start Arriving
3:55p The Trumpet Voluntary starts Playing indicating the Ceremony is beginning…
3:58p Here Comes The Bride As Bride approaches Altar Music Fades..

Ceremony Begins

4:00p Minister/JP takes over from here and performs the ceremony.
4:28p Minister/JP Pronounces you Husband and Wife.
4:30p DJ Plays Wedding March/Bridal Chorus After couple kiss, and as they walk down the aisle.

CONGRATULATIONS You are Now Husband and Wife, DJ invites Guests to go to the Reception.



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