Frequently Asked Questions

What time do you arrive to set up?

We usually arrive about one hour before the music is to start. If you order our Club Light Package we’ll need to get there 1 1/2 hrs. before showtime, please make sure we will have open access to the facility.

Do we pay for set up time?

No, you pay only for the contracted time, scheduled start time, until the scheduled stop time.

A 10 X 10 foot space and an outlet are all we need!

We bring our own tables and table cloths.

Do you take requests?

Yes, we’re always happy to take requests, however we will use our discretion as to the appropriateness for the event.

If I call, can I reserve a date over the phone?

Yes, you can put a deposit (50% of total) down using one of the payment options. We also need a signed contract which you will have to fill out and sign.  You can Call / Text (979) 203‑1947 or Chat with us Anytime. Email is also available.

Do you always come in formal Tuxedo attire?

Yes, unless requested otherwise.

Can I bring some of my own Music for you to play?

Sure! CD’s, Smart phones, and any player with a headphone jack.

How early should I book?

As early as you can! Since we are a “one man show” and NOT a DJ booking agency, our availability is limited. Once we’re booked, we’re booked. A year in advance is not to soon! (Saturday evenings book especially fast). June Saturdays usually book a year in advance!

If I need to cancel my event, can I get my deposit back?

Yes , we need 60 days or more WRITTEN notice to receive a refund of your deposit less a cancellation fee of $175. If you Paid in full you will receive the Full payment less a $175 cancellation fee . If your cancellation request is less than 60 days notice then your deposit is non‑refundable.  Full Payments are the Deposit and the Balance due, So Full payment refunds without 60 days notice will only receive the Balance due portion of the Full payment. Refunds will be made within 30 days of cancellation date.

Why should I use a DJ instead of a live band?

Direct Contact: Your DJ/MC is the owner of TexasDj.Net, Peter Block, and you will work with him directly.

Quality: DJ’s play the original music, the way everyone knows it. Bands may play the same songs, but they probably won’t be as recognizable to you and your guests and if they don’t practice regularly, their sound may not be acceptable at all. DJ’s don’t have to practice their music, it’s from the original artist!

Quantity: DJ’s have thousands of songs available with a very wide variety of music types, bands usually know how to play less than 100 songs and the variety is usually limited. Remember, you want all your guests, young and old to have a good time.

Requests: DJ’s can accommodate requests from you and your guests most of the time. Most bands don’t take requests, except in advance, and cannot play them if they don’t know the song.

Versatility: DJ’s can play the music for your Ceremony, Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing, including those special songs you want to hear. They also MC events, like cake cutting, toast, first dance and the bouquet/garter toss. Bands have to learn those special songs.

Availability: Bands take breaks, usually 15 minutes every hour which means you may lose some guests before all the important events are done. Peter makes sure the music never stops, so your guests can keep dancing all night long and will mix in the events throughout your reception.

Non‑Stop Music: DJ’s play music non‑stop, usually ‘mixing’ from one song to the next. Bands end each song, then pause while they decide which song to play next. This ‘breaks up’ the dancing after every song.

Volume: We periodically check the sound levels, from the audiences perspective, so the music is never too loud or too quiet. Bands usually end up playing too loud because they cannot perform ‘in‑the‑audience’ checks because they must stay onstage.

In short, a Disc Jockey provides you with the widest range of quality sound and non‑stop music for a bargain price.

Where in Texas have you DJ’d?

We’ve DJ’d all over Central Texas. Listed in no particular order, are some of the cities and towns we’ve played: Austin, Houston, Katy, College Station, Bryan, Navasota, Humble, Giddings, LeGrange, Magnolia, Plantersville, Hearne, Kilgore, Brenham, Caldwell, Welcome, Gay Hill, Berlin, Huntsville, San Antonio, Kurten, Anderson, Bay City, El Campo, Madisonville, Kenney, Waco, Wellborn, Dallas, Columbus, Wharton, Tomball, The Woodlands, Katy, Berlin, Lexington

We’re willing to go anywhere in Texas, travel fee and minimum hours may apply, email, call or text for quote (979) 203‑1947 or Click the Chat Button.



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